Talk Topic:

The future of learning – Mobile VR in the workplace

Kate is a multi-disciplined thinker who pushes forward new ideas to enable organisations to make the most effective use of learning technologies. Her focus on user experience, coupled with her ability to get to the heart of the business requirement, is achieving measurable results for a wide range of global clients. As Head of Innovation at Sponge UK, Kate has pioneered mobile VR for workplace learning, interactive 360° video and multi-device games. She is Learning Technologies Designer of the Year (Learning Technologies Awards 2016) and Learning Professional of the Year bronze winner (Learning Awards 2017).

A smorgasbord of emerging technology is on the horizon. As a forward-thinking company, Sponge are proactively monitoring technological advances to identify and produce new digital offerings for workplace learning. Since January 2016, Kate has been pioneering mobile virtual reality experiences which revolutionise work place learning. After 14 months of research and development, Sponge are ready to demonstrate the future of VR for workplace learning.

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Thursday 4th March
19:30 - 9pm