Talk Topic:

Usability testing: how it is used and useful

Andy Porter is design lead on the Find Property Information service available on This is designed and built at the Land Registry, predominantly in Plymouth. services are extensively researched and usability tested, much of which is done in usability labs.

The Service Design Manual is ‘the standard’ for UK Government. It is being copied by other governments, and is starting to be used in local councils and other organisations such as the Cooperative. has to work ‘for everyone’, but anyone can benefit from usability testing their service/product.

Andy will show examples and talk about how and why the service he works on researches and tests this way – the benefits it brings. He will also explain how almost anyone can do much of this testing, with some basic tools and guidance.

Next Event: Meetup September 2022

Thursday 1st September
18:30 - 9pm