Talk Topic:

Digital civilisation and an artisan perspective

Digital Plymouth is about crossing boundaries, making connections and in a nutshell that’s what I do too. As a craftsperson, a digital business strategist and the Project lead for the Open Data Institute in Cornwall, I don’t fit into any obvious category, which can make a standard bio a bit tricky! My work experience includes working with large UK organisations including the Food Standards Agency and Macmillan Cancer Support to develop data strategies and networked organisation. I specialise in the Housing sector and produced the Connected Housing Study between 2012-2015. I believe the South West can do amazing things as a networked ecosystem. But cultural change is hard! And that’s why I also make early digital civilisation artefacts out of clay, to fire the synapses that will help us power up to our next stage of digitally enabled evolution. Please see if you’d like more info.

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Next Event: Meetup March 2021

Thursday 4th March
19:30 - 9pm