Digital Plymouth runs a quarterly meetup – with three speakers, plus plenty of time for networking and general socialising. The intention is to bring together our diverse and talented community of digital businesses and organisations and enable us to recognise and celebrate how many of us there are. In addition, by coming together, we can share knowledge and learn about the amazing things that are being created right here in Plymouth. Arrive from 6:30pm, grab a drink at the bar, talks start at 7pm and the event finishes when everyone has had their fill of creative goodness. Attendance is FREE so sign up now and get involved.

Dan Stone

Managing Lead Creative at
Archilime Visualisations

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Visualisation is dead

I am a Visualiser for Archilime Visualisations and currently, we specialise in producing photo-realistic, Architectural CGI. With the roll-out of super-fast data connections and the ubiquitous integration of smart devices of all kinds, we took a long hard look at ourselves and realised that we needed to evolve.

How do we stay relevant, knowing that the visualisation industry will inevitably change beyond recognition?

The Archilime Academy has been developed to teach the language of visualisation to the up-and-coming builders of the virtual worlds of tomorrow that will be thoroughly and immersively visualised in Virtual or Augmented Realities. I want to talk about what the future could look like, and how we plan on staying applicable in this environment.

DR Lauren Hayhurst

Head of Narrative Design, Hi9

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Rise up for digital writing (feat.) the Reciprocity Circle

Ever heard of Digital Humanities? Me neither, up until a couple of years ago. I did my PhD (Creative Writing, Exeter), became a lecturer (Plymouth, Bournemouth) and as far as I was concerned the Arts and STEM subjects were in separate camps. Then I came across this term and having no idea what it meant, did some digging…turns out it extends to literature, creative writing, poetry… In this talk I’ll be exploring the innovations of Creative Writing within the digital landscape, and suggesting ways that digital businesses can benefit from Creative Writing intervention.

We will also be conducting an exercise called the Reciprocity Circle. This is something I experienced at a digital storytelling event held by and is all about networking and sharing knowledge in a creative way. More details to follow!

Peter Kelly

CEO and co-founder at


From family pay to Series A

I am the CEO and co-founder of one of the UK’s fastest growing start ups, imployable. In 2015 I left the Royal Marines to pursue a career in business, little did I know that the next year would see me become a member of the JobCentre!

I now realise that everything I have been through in my life was for a reason, I needed to know these struggles first hand to be able to successfully have a real impact. I truly believe it is my calling in life.

At 32 and after many long hard years of bettering myself academically I am a highly qualified, experienced project manager, award winning app entrepreneur and startup mentor.

My dream is to make an impact, to create something so disruptive that it drives positive change and I am on the verge of cracking it. I have a goal and no matter what I will achieve it.

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