The hotly anticipated Digital Plymouth returned with another sell out crowd. The March event is traditionally our busiest and this meetup was no exception with only standing room left. We welcomed a variety of talks covering programming, finding your expert and building confidence as a creative.

Rob Wick

Rob Wick

Owner at

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The importance of finding your local expert

Using local experts is important. However, if everyone everywhere uses their local expert they will be limited by the size of their local business community and there is a risk the economy will stagnate. We should be looking for work globally and proving that we are the best at what we do. We can then bring the work to the city for our local experts to deliver. This helps keep the local economy fed and thriving.

Natalia Waniczek

Natalia Waniczek

Developer at

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Patterns in Human & Programming Languages

Programming languages are designed and created to solve a specific problem unlike human languages which simply follow the consensus. Some languages have similar syntax such as German and English. This can also be seen when comparing coding languages such as PHP and JavaScript. By looking at which languages are similar you can work out which human languages and programming languages could be easier to learn.

Ben Stirling

Ben Stirling

Project Director at
Made with Maturity

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Lies of the Digital Industry

Working in a digital and creative role you can be faced with challenges such as working on a project which has aspects you haven’t experienced before. This can lead you to lose confidence and feel like a fraud. However you are not a fraud, you know what you are doing and should draw on your experiences from other client work that you have delivered. There will always be a first time. If the client doesn’t like the designs first time take that feedback back and work with the client to get a result that works for both of you.

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